We’ve programmed this tiny Pi to offer big solutions for small buisness

We help small businesses stay competitive by giving them affordable and engaging solutions aimed at customer engagement and retention.


Just plug it in and get started

After purchasing a locol Pi all you have to do is plug it into your screen and follow some simple setup instructions.


Our custom dashboard makes creating content just as easy

Our dashboard and templates allow you to easily create and manage posts displayed in your business. The best part? All your content automatically becomes mobile friendly and is ready to get pulled down. (should we make “pulled down” clickable, with a popup or something that shows up and explains what that is?)


From your big screen to their small screen

We allow users to shake their phone using our free app to pull content down from your display onto their mobile phones. You can capture their attention on the big screen and give them all the details on their small screens. Now users can engage with your content for longer.


A connected network devoted to promoting each other

At locol we’re committed to helping small businesses find ways to stay competitive. With our hub concept, we allow stores in close proximity a chance to promote themselves for free within other non-competing businesses. To find out more click here