Our Features

 locol offers a simple way for you to create and customize powerful experiences for your business and customers.

TV Display

Create a full-screen playlist of graphics or video & use our tools to create, edit, time and organize your content. You can also pull content from your websites WordPress posts.

locol Mobile App

Our free app allows users to get more information on your playlist items by simply shaking their phone. Users can review items they shook down outside of your store, at anytime.

Home Stream

Send full colour messages, coupons, specials and opt-ins to users even though their not in your store. Messages can be viewed by your users anytime with the app.

Virtual Kiosk

Integrate virtual kiosk functionality into your playlist. Let users pull down ordering functions, product searches and other custom tools.


locol provides quizzes, surveys, coupons and polls. Create leaderboards for tracking points, game dashboards etc.

Web App

Turn your mobile website into an in-store web app or use our kit to build one. Link playlist items on the TV display to pages in your web app to avoid the user needing to download an app.

Hub Community

Share playlist items between locations in a community to increase everyone’s exposure to potential customers.

Bonfire Program

Get third party content and advertising to help populate your screen to ensure content stays fresh and exciting for your customers.